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Ontario Heritage Properties Database

Property Name: Guelph City Hall and City Hall Annex (William Thomas, architect)
Street Address: 59 Carden St
Municipality: Guelph
County or Regional Municipality: Wellington
Date of Ontario Heritage Act Designation: 7/24/1978
Construction Date: 1856 (Actual)
Building Type: Civic or Government Building
Protection Designator: Ontario Heritage Act designation - Part 4
Ontario Heritage Foundation easement
provincial plaque
National Historic Site
Reason for Designation: Note: The provincial historical plaque commemorating the Guelph City Hall is located at the front entrance of the building. The plaque reads as follows:

Guelph City Hall 1856

Designed in the Classical style by the noted Toronto architect William Thomas, the Guelph town hall was constructed from locally quarried stone. The building included an indoor market area, administrative offices, and a large assembly hall.