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* Disclaimer: As of 2005, the Ontario Heritage Properties Database is no longer being updated. We are currently updating a new system which will provide much greater detail to users and will become publicly accessible in the future.

Ontario Heritage Properties Database

Property Name: Brighton CN railway station
Street Address: 60 Maplewood Ave
Municipality: Brighton
County or Regional Municipality: Northumberland
Location Description: part 1, Plan 39R-7430,
Date of Ontario Heritage Act Designation: 8/16/2000
Construction Date: 1856 ()
Building Type: Transportation Related Building
Protection Designator: Ontario Heritage Act designation - Part 4
Reason for Designation: That the lands and the former Grand Trunk Train Station building being 60 Maplewood Avenue, Part 1, Plan 39R-7430, also known as Memory Junction, be designated as a Heritage Property, for the following reasons:

1. Historically the site was the original location of the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) Station built in the 1850's, and as such, played a vital role in the growth of this community.

2. Architecturally the GTR Station, being a type C Station, was built in the 1850's and is one of the thirty-four (34) original stations built, and one of the approximately nine (9) left remaining in the Province. The following items of are of particular architectural significance (based on Information of Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, Railway Station Report-Former Grand Trunk Railway Station, Brighton Ontario, RSR-91 and site inspection):

- The brick exterior (being the only original station built of brick);

- Semi-circular arched voussiors over the original openings, and forming

complete circles around the bulls-eye ventilators;

- Triangular brackets carrying the projected eaves;

- Exposed rafters and gable ends

- Arched transoms;

- Interior room design and trim within Operators Bay; and

- Wall and ceiling cornices, circular mouldings, and wainscot in the Freight Room.